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Julie is an international certified image consultant and is highly regarded in the fashion industry. She is the Founder/Executive Producer of Fashion Week Lake Charles, which hosts several successful fashion events that benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF). She is a member of Fashion Group International (FGI), Board Member of Festigals, and a certified member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

Julie Branden
Mandy Dionne

My mom always told me: ‘push your shoulders back Mandy! Keep your head up high and be proud!’ I was a very tall girl growing up and didn’t want to stand out from my friends. Luckily my mom disagreed and sent me to a runway coaching class myself. I learned how to stand up straight and move with confidence and I felt so much more confident!

Read more  about Mandy

Jordan is a very successful independent model who has been published internationally and has perfected the art of freelance. Over time, Jordan has taken a strong hold on what it means to do a lot without much. As a sought after seasoned runway walker, and a pose perfectionist, Jordan brings years of experience and real model life to all classes. As a founding member of Posh Society Jordan has proven creativity play a huge part in the fashion business..

Jordan Clark Bio Pic.jpg
Jordan Clark
Tracee Dundes
Tracees Pic.jpg

Tracee Dundas is the Founder and Executive Producer of New Orleans Fashion Week, a freelance fashion stylist, contributing fashion editor to numerous publications, and host of “Fashion Friday” on New Orleans FOX Network, WVUE as well as coordinate fashion shows, productions, and events throughout the year. She recognizes the importance of giving back by volunteering and supporting nonprofit organizations such as Young Audiences, Children’s Hospital, Dress for Success, Cinderella Project Learn more

Patrick is the Lead Photographer for Fashion Week Lake Charles. He has worked with FWLC for 4 years. Shooting Fashion Weeks across the country and beyond. Specializing in Professional Photography Services: Runway-Portfolios-Weddings-Engagements-Models and more 

Patrick Williams
Wild Flowers
Justice Murphree

Justice has been a Makeup Artist since 2006 and is the account Executive for Dior Cosmetics for Dillard's Department stores. The magic happens at Dillard's where he Empowers, Educates, and Beautifies their clients.  

Valleen V. Vallere has been a licensed Cosmetologist since September 2000. She attended Stage One School of Beauty where she obtained her cosmetology license. After working in the salon industry for 16 years, she went back to Stage One in 2016 and received her cosmetology instructors license. She has done work for fashion shows and photo shoots for editorial and print ads. Currently she is the manager at Ulta Beauty Lake Charles

Valleen Vallere
Victoria Henley
Victoria Henley 2_edited.jpg

Victoria, in addition to being selected out of 100,000 people to become Top 5 on Cycle 19 of America’s Next Top Model, Victoria Henley has also been featured on covers and in editorial spreads for Runway, Italian Vogue, Modern Hair and Beauty Australia, and more. She has graced hundreds of runways globally for acclaimed designers and has served as a headlining instructor for the Society Fashion Week’s mentorship seminars. Henley became the first-ever fashion liaison for the company, showcasing, promoting and modeling jewelry at top fashion weeks across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, etc. She also owns a company called, “Magnifique”, through which she produces showcases & mentors/trains/develops models from around the world. Learn more.



This week we will focus on various styles of runway walking.  Adding your personal brand to your walk and poses, while working with designer on their vision. You will learn the basic count to hold that pose at the end of the runway. Taught by seasoned runway model.


Models will study various breathing techniques, posture and balance. Stylized posing techniques. Taught by seasoned runway model and photographer.


​​Models will study the history and the present of fashion and learn how it has evolved. Discussion on why you love fashion and how it affects you! An offsite field trip is planned to The Louisiana State Museum of Costumes and Textiles. More on this topic will commence in class.


​Models will learn the importance of skin care and how to care for their skin individually. Models will learn what products are best to use for their skin types. Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your total body. Nail care will be included in this section also. Daily skin and nail regimen is a must. Moisturize moisturize moisturize is a must. Especially for the camera. Taught by certified beauty consultant.


Models will learn the correct way to apply make-up. What make-up looks are appropriate for runway, auditions, day and night. (service class, each model will actually be applying their own makeup) Taught by a certified MUA instructor


​What is IMAGE? Why image matters? How it affects your personal brand. Discovering your personal Brand. What’s your style? Taught by certified image consultant.


Before you can achieve anything, you have to learn to take care of yourself first and foremost. Healthy eating habits and workout regimen will be discussed by professionals in the business. Please seek doctor’s approval first before you start any health regimen. Instructed by licensed nutritionist and certified fitness instructor.


​Verbal and non-verbal communication. This week we focus on the importance of being able to sell a product. How body language speaks louder than words. Articulate words with strong pitch to be heard. The importance of the ability to persuade with confidence. Know the product your selling. Each model will be given a product to sell on camera. Taught by professional brand ambassador.


​Models will learn several techniques to developing a quick hair style for stage presence. What types of hair styles are appropriate for their facial structure? The do’s and don’ts of chemical services. Models will learn how to convey a message through various hair styles. Service class taught by licensed cosmetology instructor.


Business deals are often done over the dining table. It’s always good to know what, when and how to speak appropriately. And a plus to know how to navigate the dining table with grace and poise. We will discuss the benefits of having great etiquette skills. It is known to seal deal and break a deal by the way you behave at the table. You will learn how to present yourself and your brand in a professional manner. Learn how to network at a party and be inclusive. Learn proper introductions and form an elevator statement. Proper runway and casting call etiquette. You will be taught how to command a room and not demand, there is a difference. Taught by certified image consultant. And yes, we will dine out at a fine dining restaurant!


Models and parents will focus on the importance of being a part of the fashion business. Parents along with models will get a better understanding of how the industry works. What to expect from accredited agency? Learn to look for signs of a scam. Know the right questions to ask. Becoming mom manager is key in this until you sign with an agency.  Models will learn how to build their portfolio that commands attention. Models focus on how to market yourself as a professional model. How to build a strong presence as an independent model online and how to get paid by doing so. Taught by licensed artist agent and mom manager.


Models will learn the ins and outs of producing and directing a fashion show. Planning, venue, marketing, showcasing and tickets sales. You will partner with Fashion Week Lake Charles production team.


The finale, in which models prepare and produce their graduation segment at Fashion Week Lake Charles. Upon graduation models will receive a certificate in Model Image 101 from Vivid Image Consulting during the show.

DISCLAIMER: This program is for personal enrichment ONLY and is not designed for job occupancy.

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