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The Great Lazy Day That Never Happened!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

I agree there is never a dull moment in my space and time. I like it like that, but I know wonder woman has to take her cape off sometimes. Sunday was the day, my lazy do-nothing day. You know the day. The day you plan to do brunch in bed and binge watch one of those shows no one else watches, yeah, that day. This Sunday I got a sweet surprise. I received an awesome visit from my nephew, GSIXPIE! Of course, he was hungry and yes, he is vegan. In the kitchen we go. Marley running around, happy someone other than myself is playing with him. He got a photo and video shoot out of it; WOW, Marley got a photo shoot before me! While cooking a quick vegan dish and making him some fresh walnut milk, I was able to admire the essence that oozed out of this beautiful black man.

I mean to sit and listen in awe of the knowledge he has gathered over the years. The past that stuck and the future to conquer. True wisdom and creativity come to mind. Our one-on-one sessions are always about ideas, what to leave and what to take along the journey. He has accumulated the sense of Definiteness of Purpose. He understands the power of positive thoughts. My nephew is a far cry from the typical stereotype of the black young man, society is trying to convey to the world. He is passionate, considerate, intelligent and knows his future is attainable. If you ever get a chance, take the time, and listen to a young black man. They won’t bite, but you will feel their greatness, if you allow it.

This blog post is a tribute to all my 19 nieces and nephews. There will never be darkness because you are the light. I am holding you accountable for your future. You are the architect of your life, and YOU, my love, design it the way you see fit. You are where you are now, because of your past steps. What’s your next move? Positive Vibes Jah Bless, Auntie Julie

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