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What the hell, take the trip.

Mickey!!!! The Brandens take over Disney World. Recently my family got together and decided to continue our plans for our family vacation. Yes, the world is opening but I was still hesitant. I did not want to be around people, especially during this pandemic. I wanted to stay home and concentrate on me. Concentrate on my business, concentrate on my goals. Then I remembered, it's not about me. It is all and always will be about family. Once you reach a certain age, yes, we become selfish!! There, I said it.

Disney Takeover

In the back of our minds and every step we take is for our family. Staying healthy is one. We want to be sure if anything happens, we are healthy enough to take care of it. Take care of it, them, and us. As the days went by I kept thinking how will I survive being in a home with my whole family!!! Three generations of Brandens all in one place. We eat different, we think different, and our lifestyles are totally different. As the families entered the house, my anxiety immediately went away. Euphoria took over and I felt at peace. I felt at home and I felt loved.

During this crucial time of survival, we can not lose sight of what is important, FAMILY

The one thing that is consistent in my life, is the support of my family. No matter the different mind sets, they have always had my back.

The Brandens

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you are on a tight budget. PANDEMIC, COVID19, UMEMPLOYMENT, STIMULUS, SMALL BUSINESS DETERMINATION! Yeah, that's me. Plan, Plan, Plan! I paid in advance. Calculated a daily budget. I checked out the restaurants, boutiques and entertainment in advance. I knew exactly how much it would take to enjoy myself. I like Boston Lobster Feast for casual dining. Who doesn't like all you can eat lobsters? I am in love with Disney Springs for shopping, plus you can get your items shipped back home. I used a credit card that I can payoff immediately once I am back home. I paid the credit card off with my travel savings. This helps boost your credit score. You were going to used cash, so use it to help your financial status.

I am a master of the one bag travel. 2 bottoms (one you're wearing on the plane) 1 blazer or a wrap just incase it's chilly, 5 tops, 1 dress, 2 swimsuits, 2 pair of shoes (1 flat, 1 heel) A clear pair of heels can go with any outfit. I always bring socks on the plane because my feet get cold. Packing is much easier if you have a color scheme in mind. Get your #ColorId and become Art in Motion anywhere you go. My favorite essentials to one bag travel for Divas and Dans For access to these boutiques use Password: TRAVEL. Yes, I did more for the ladies. We require a little more.

Don't let fear stop you from spending time with family. Just make sure you protect yourself and them. Sometimes it's the best medicine ever. Continue to concentrate on becoming the best you. Being present in the moment is key. I enjoyed my siblings so much, I am so ready for the next trip. My sisters and niece cooked, I was day drinking and my brother was the picture Nazi. I designed my family vacation exactly the way I wanted. Relaxation, lots of dancing, swimming, healthy eating, drinking, working out and deep connection. Well the healthy eating, let's just say 80% of the vacay. I stayed true to my regimen as much as I could. I made fresh ginger tea daily. I made sure my smoothies had everything I needed. Plus, I added my Seamoss to it. I only ate out 3 times. Everything else was home cooked. The Yakamein, fried catfish and potato salad ( my sister Gale's specialty) were all delicious and just what I needed. The majority of my meals consist of fruits and veggies. I did manage to get in 3 workouts and some yoga. This trip was that simple. You can have and do anything you like in this life. Plan, Execute, Enjoy! Remember you are the architect of your destiny.

Getting on their nerves!


Boil any broth you like (season to taste) cook any noodles you like, chop green onions, boiled eggs and top it with whatever protein you desire (chicken, shrimp, beef, turkey neck) Make sure all ingredients are cooked separately then you layer. Pasta in bowl first, add broth then protein, green onions, boiled egg (cut in half). Top it with soy sauce and hot sauce. Done, you just made a black Asian staple. Its just SOUP!! Very healthy. Sorry I measure to taste.

Thanks for you time and let's do better, together. Remember, You Are Beautiful, Loved and Blessed. Don't forget to Dance! #LiveVivid Julie Branden AICI CIC of JPBranden Image Consulting #certifiedimageconsultant #stylecoach #corporatetrainer #mother #mimi #healthfanatic #workoutgal #healthyfoodie

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