Image Management Services

Elevate to Impact

Professional Presence

Your employees reflect you and your company’s brand. You have seven seconds to say who you are without saying a word.

With today’s technology, everything is recorded and uploaded onto social media. Remember, 96% of unhappy clients leave without saying anything but they will tell everyone. Make an IMPACT with a Professional Presence Seminar

  • Appearance​

  • Business Etiquette and Protocol

  • Communication

  • Digital Fingerprint

Casino Beverage

The gaming industry is becoming highly competitive.  Consistency is key. An important but often overlooked facet of your brand is the image and service of your employees.

Set them up for greatness! Give them the tools to elevate and get them excited to come to work!

  • ​Appearance and Uniform Consulting

  • Beverage Server Analysis and Training

  • Service and Retail Bar Sequence

  • Leadership Impact

Customer Service Academy

Even is this high tech day and age, clients appreciate having real people answering their customer service calls. They are even more impressed when face-to-face with someone with great skill and knowledge in solving their problem. A certified customer service representative can build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Product Knowledge

  • Closing The Sale

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Personality Awareness

                     Get Serious, Get Certified

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