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Let's face it, our world has changed and there is no going back. As image consultants, our goal is to empower you to feel good about yourself. It's that simple! At this time nothing is impossible. Our sessions are formatted for individuals and small groups to get the very best out of our services. Join #ACCELERATE and give us 90 days to get you where you want to be. #ACCELERATE 2.0 is now available. Get there in two weeks! 

  • Identify Challenges

  • Customized Roadmap

  • Calculated Results

  • Capable Personal Achievements

  • Definiteness of Purpose

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What’s your personal color palette? Tired of wasting money on clothes that don't look great on you. Before you take another professional picture, for your political campaign, fashion shoot, brand, or even corporate pictures, contact me for your Color ID.


Yes, that is a term. Get a virtual Color Analysis to make it picture-perfect.



Your brand is seen everywhere, especially in today's technology. How are you perceived by others? How are you viewed on social media and in public? How do you want to be portrayed? Let's explore!

Our methodology

  • Assessment

  • Establish Direction

  • Attainable Goals

  • Success Measurement

  • Timely Execution

  • Continued Elevation



There's a huge reason major companies conduct their business over a meal. It may be a test to see how you conduct yourself in a formal setting. Learn courses of a meal and which fork is which.


Learn to navigate the dining table like a champ. One on One and group classes are available. Break bread the proper way.


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