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Dance Again

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Life is so amazing. You are dancing with someone and then, they are gone. Just like that!! No warning, no nothing! Gone.

A fabulous friend of mind, passed away 2 weeks ago. Three weeks ago we were chatting on the phone, talking about why he did not make the trip to California, for my brothers birthday party? Four weeks ago I was dancing in my living room with him, having the time of my life. Just wilding out like we did many many moons ago. Claude has always been the life experience no one wanted to miss. I am so happy I got to dance with him, one last time. We never know the reason why? Death just happens. It's part of life and we learn to accept it for what it is. I always question why but mostly, what was the reason this time? What is the lesson from this particular life gone from my space and time?

Our last dinner.
He told my brother, he had a date with the Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

Throughout this COVID19 pandemic, I have struggled to keep focus, keep faith and just #showup I found myself seeping in to a depression. It was the unknown creeping into my spirit. The being alone and no one to spend time with. I am so great at motivating others. When it comes to me, I need excitement. I need the bright lights, the big city and I only need a little bit of that to get me going! The world had shut down and everyone was shut in. Three hurricanes, one freeze and a flood. I was done, tired and exhausted. I am great at pushing through. That's what I do, I push through. I was in full Hurricane Katrina mode.

I was going through the motions and not feeling anything of substance. So, I took the time to get me together. I started with concentrating on my physique. PelotonApp became my motivator. Being able to chat back and forth with members in real time, became an asset for me. Plus, the motivation from total strangers was awesome. Yeah, it kept me going and helped me reach my goal too. I started feeling like myself again. Finally, I was the Julie I recognized in my heart and soul. Four weeks ago laughing out loud and dancing with Claude, I felt more alive than I have ever felt before. So to the question and the lesson, I needed to DANCE. Not just dance but DANCE!! And, man did we Dance. I Danced. He Danced. We DANCED!! So, today I challenge you to take care of yourself. Even if it is just dancing, just start. I guarantee you, this will make a big difference on your mental and physical health. Do not take the little things for granted. Life is way too short. Find happiness in every step you take, that's where you will find your answers. Do not forgot to get the PelotonApp, it is free for 30 days. Most of all don't forget to DANCE!!! Remember you are Beautiful, Loved and Blessed. Julie Branden AICI CIC of JPBranden Image Consulting. #certifiedimageconsultant #stylecoach #corporatetrainer #mother #mimi #healthfanatic #workoutgal #healthyfoodie

Claude being Mr. Bitches
Fancy Dancer

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