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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Ten years ago I was watching a cooking show. I thought "hey I can do that" So, I did. It was Emeril Lagasse's Cooking Show and he was cooking shrimp burgers. Wow, I never thought of that. I have cooked hamburgers, turkey burgers but never a shrimp burger. Then I realized, it was actually a crab cake but made with shrimp!!! The more I watched, the more adventurous I became with my cooking. I wanted healthier dishes. I found out the less cooking, the less time it takes, the healthier it is. Keep that in mind on your journey. Less heat, less preparation, no preservatives and no additives!!

One of my favorites is a simple pasta. You just chop up some tomatoes, fresh parsley, garlic, add salt, pepper and olive oil to a bowl. Mix it all up and add the pasta to the bowl, straight out of the pot, piping hot. Mix it all up and presto, gourmet chef. The best part is, it only takes about 10mins depending on your pasta's cooking time. Its very healthy and you can top it will anything. I usually top mine with grilled or sautéed shrimp.

Eating healthy doesn't take much. You just have to start. Even though I have been a health fanatic the majority of my life, life happens and you fall off the grid. That's OK, just get back on track.

I managed French Riviera Health Spa many many moons ago. I would always start my clients off by suggesting to cut out the white stuff. White sugar, white flour, white pasta and white rice. The hardest part was convincing them to cut out red meat!!! This was always a fight. We had to compromise. Only eat it on the weekend as a treat. Surprisingly, it worked. The funny thing is, I never really knew why until now. The food we buy at the supermarket "we make groceries" in NOLA are pack with many harmful ingredients that we never knew about. We just did what our parents did and never ever questioned it. Our parents would never harm us. We're their babies, right? Our parents did not know either. They just followed the masses. This documentary changed my life forever In Defense of Food When you know better, You do better and You become your Greatest Self.

What I swapped out

  1. Veggie Pasta- White Pasta

  2. Plant-based butter- Butter

  3. Hearts of Palm- Lasagna Pasta

  4. Sparkling Water- Sodas

  5. Spring Water- Regular Water

  6. Dark Roasted Dandelion Tea- Coffee

  7. Homemade Walnut Milk- Cows Milk

  8. Agave Nectar- Sugar

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