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Subscription boxes are a big thing right now. Most style boxes miss the mark when it is not personal. What is better, a subscription service that is curated just for you. With a style personality quiz, image consultation and body measurements, you are all set. We take the headache out of getting dress in the morning, presentation or for a special event. Plus, this will be a discovery experience about yourself. Learn what fits your body type perfectly and what your facial shape, has to do with jewelry and collars. Yes, its just that detailed. To help you elevate and reach your full potential, we have an array of add-on bonuses. Take your time and pick which subscription is best for you. We customize all of our services to fit your time and budget. Allow us to help you elevate to greatness.

Seasonal Refresh

Let's face it, we all should to stay up on the current fashion, we just do not have the time. With styles changing every second, it is impossible to keep up. This seasonal closet refresh allows you to be on point, every time the season changes. Discover what is trending, what is about to become a classic or what to get rid of. Trends, Style and Color, you will be right on time! This is accessible virtually or in-person. Contact Us

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This is a monthly subscription service. LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER You deserve A VIVID REFRESH! Skip the subscription boxes! Let's shop in your closet, literally. A monthly stylish virtual curated boutique, just for you! This 24-hour showroom is yours to pop in anytime and play. Add your items from your own closet and get virtually styled for any occasion. We introduce you to new up and coming  elite designers and some of our classic friends. We leave the options open for you. Now, let's get your C-Suite

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