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The Customer Service Academy/National Certification Program

Even is this high tech day and age, clients appreciate having real people answering their customer service calls. They are even more impressed when face-to-face with someone with great skill and knowledge in solving their problem. A certified customer service representative can build customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The Customer Service and Sales credential is appropriate for anyone interested in pursuing a career in retail. The same customer service and sales skills are transferable to any industry, that values customer interaction. This program teaches entry level sales associates skills ranging from assessing and meeting customer's needs to merchandising. Your employees will become nationally certified, highly motivated to serve your company, and ultimately become a leader within your organization. Remember, 96% of unhappy customers leave without saying anything but they will tell everyone. 


The Customer Service Academy is a terrific start in getting the total image package you need for long-term success. Get Serious, Get Certified!



Our coaching staff brings years of experience in customer service, hospitality, beauty and the fashion world. Together our coaches are spectacular in keeping up with the ever-changing industry. Our coaches are firm believers in leading by example. Bringing fun to the seminars at an upbeat and positive pace, making every participant eager to learn new ideas

JPBranden Image Consulting is approved partner by The National Retail Federation

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