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Brand Delusions, BAM I Said It!!

Updated: Apr 29

I have been approached many times about branding and the misconception of. My statement is still the same as it has been for over 18 years. You are the BRAND! Throughout my years of consulting and coaching, I have run into clients not understanding, that as much as you wish, your professional and personal brand are the same and they affect each other. They are not separate. I know, I know, that’s my personal life, that’s my personal page...true, but so is your business. You sell your products, you talk about your products and services, you are in the marketing campaign, and your name is in your business name. You are the BRAND. Clients see YOU as the brand. Now tell me, what do they see? What do you want them to see?

I have seen some of the most horrendous, egregious content that makes my skin boil. Fights in public, or naked pictures. What are you selling? Is it a swimsuit line or a fight club? Define your target market. The product may be great. There may be a need or desire for this in my life, but you lost me in seven seconds. Somethings shouldn’t be seen on social media. There, I said it! Keep it to yourself. Keep it private. Think, will this help or hurt my brand. Again, you cannot separate your personal and professional brand. Will Smith proved that. He lost major endorsements and may not come back from it. I sure hope he has a dope P.R. team.

Through the media we have seen how fast an image can fall from grace immediately with poor judgement. Ways you may tarnish your brand and not be aware: Not looking presentable, keep missing appointments, improper conversations, not returning inquiries in a timely manner, and not doing what you said you will do.

This does not stop with small businesses. Large companies are not exempt. Remembering a time, I visited a local bank. I forgot why I entered, because the first thing I noticed was the young bank teller’s shirt. First impressions. The shirt was so wrinkled; I was lost for words. Literally, nothing came out of my mouth. I keep wondering why was this allowed. Did anyone care that this young man looks very unkept? He is representing the bank, is he not? Now, who is this a reflection of, the teller or the bank? TIP: I often encourage my clients to keep a steamer on the property for these purposes.

I am often told the culture has changed. We are WOKE! No one cares about image. The truth is the people that surround you, may not care. They are your family, friends, and daily associates. The entities in the background that can make decisions that affect your livelihood, care. You should always care about how you are representing your brand, and the message it’s sending.

Clients notice your image APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOR, COMMUNICATION, and DIGITAL CONTENT which forms an opinion in seven seconds. Did you know this? Social media reels and posts are content. Do you know who’s paying attention and why? Words, pictures, and videos tell the story of you and your brand. What is your story? Everything is digital. We are living like the Jetsons. Everything is instant. My BFF has always told me that I am a microwave baby! Whelp! Which goes to show you, our attention span needs a little help. Some things to consider are ZOOM Appearance IN-PERSON MEETING Behavior PRESENTATION Communication SOCIAL MEDIA Digital Content. You have seven seconds, what is the story? Be clear and concise.

I know, it’s a lot to take in and sometimes you are not feeling it. Every step you take, starts with you! Develop a winning attitude and get your mind right. How far do you want to go? How will you get there? What is stopping you? Who is going to tell you no?

When you are ready to start or open a business, before the photo shoot, before the marketing, before your first sale, first thing is to identify your brand. A brand is consistency. Showcasing who you are, what you do and why. P.S. Your brand is not the products or services you are selling. To find out more about how to #accelerate and get to your next level, contact me Julie Branden AICI CIC 337-912-7463 I can help!

Remember You Are Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed. More information on our services here!

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